Visual Arts

Mr. Ferguson

Welcome to Middle School Art!

The middle school classes, having developed a strong understanding of basic art topics are encouraged to explore and push their creativity, skills, and understanding of the core foundations of art.

Curriculum and Goals

During the middle school art rotation, students will be asked to think about and explore deeper meanings, philosophies, and techniques throughout their middle school experience. Here are several examples of curriculum themes and goals:

  • Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
  • Combine ideas to generate an innovative idea for art-making.
  • Identify and demonstrate diverse methods of artistic investigation to choose an approach for beginning a work of art.
  • Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
  • Experiment and develop skills in multiple art-making techniques and approaches through practice.
  • Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through care for and use of materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Refine and complete artistic work.


We are constantly integrating the SLE's into the curriculum in the art room. Our young artists are constantly fostering wholesome friendships. Through art critiques we appreciate and value the creativity in self and others. The art students at OLL are continually learning new and challenging techniques and concepts. Having a positive, open attitude and a willingness to grow is a must for all our young artists here.


The middle school art students have several projects that have them using the school's digital cameras. Image editing software program Pixelr is used in the seventh and eighth grades to make photographic enhancements of students images. TinkerCad is the Online 3D modeling program that our middle school students use to aid in creating objects with the art departments 3D printers.  The eighth grade students also has the opportunity to join the year book club. There staffers take the lead in designing our schools yearbook using the online editor Webease. Eighth graders get assigned to take the images for the yearbook, and do all the Editing and post production resulting in a creative and unique school memory.