English/Language Arts

Mrs. Chappell

Welcome to Middle School ELA!

Curriculum and Goals

The English/Language Arts curriculum follow standards set forth by the Archdiocese of Portland and the state of Oregon.  Our curriculum is rigorous and instruction is differentiated for all students. 


ELA Goals:

  • Students read a variety of genres and styles, including novels, short stories, and essays
  • Students participate in and lead book groups among their classmates
  • Students learn and practice the craft of writing in all forms including personal narratives, expository writing, argumentative essays, and fictional creation. 
  • Students develop a wide and varied vocabulary through the use of Wordly Wise
  • Students develop sound grammar and mechanics, including MLA formatting for all written work


SLE’s are incorporated into the students’ daily lives. Each day begins with prayer and the daily reading. Students offer intentions for their classmates, school community, and the world. Students are asked to reflect and write on the SLE’s and how they incorporate them into their personal lives.


Middle school students use their school issued Chromebooks to compose written assignments and reflections. Google Apps for Education are used for a variety of individual and collaborative projects. Google Classroom is used for assignments, communication, and book group discussions. Students use sites such as Newsela and MyHRW to enhance their ELA curriculum.