Mrs. Mackin

Welcome to Library!

Our library serves as a resource for the entire school community, the library houses books, computers, reference and research materials The library program is integrated into the curriculum by providing books and materials that support classroom teaching.

Library Goals

Library classes include storytelling, proper care of a book and learning appropriate library behavior. We share stories that are presented in a variety of formats which allows children to develop the ability to listen and respond to the material. We encourage fun, relaxation and promote the joy of reading in our warm, comfortable, child-friendly environment. Our elementary program includes exploring authors, reading award winning books and learning to write book reports. We include a section on public speaking by presenting oral book reports.    


The library encourages Life-Long Learners. Each student develops a positive, open attitude, and willingness to grow. They apply their academic skills to think critically and raise questions. Students communicate effectively by reading, listening, and speaking. 

Cross-Curricular Integration

Students at OLL apply library skills to expand their understanding of classroom subjects and utilize the library to gather information for projects, book reports, grade level curriculum, and personal interests. 


Students use the Destiny Program to search for books and information. They learn how to navigate the program to help find books, articles, and educational videos about subjects. 

Current Families