Visual Arts

Mr. Ferguson

Welcome to Elementary Visual Arts!

The Art Program at Our Lady of the Lake School is formed from the belief that art making is an essential aspect in life, and through the understanding and practice of art, a more well-rounded individual is created. When young artists have a safe environment to take chances and problem solve, the potential for imagination and creativity is boundless.  The world of art surrounds us each day and our hope is to foster an understanding, appreciation, and excitement in each and every one of your children.

Art Goals

There are three essential categories that shape the curriculum of the Kindergarten through Fifth grades. Those categories are the Elements of Art, the Principles of Art, and the Artists' Habits. 


We are constantly integrating the SLE's into the curriculum in the art room. Our young artists are constantly fostering wholesome friendships. Through art critiques we appreciate and value the creativity in self and others. The art students at OLL are continually learning new and challenging techniques and concepts. Having a positive, open attitude and a willingness to grow is a must for all our young artists here.

Cross-Curricular Integration

The art classes at OLL have a strong integration of cross-curricular projects. Some of the projects that highlight cross-curricular integration are: 

  • Second grade: haiku stain glass
  • Third grade: cursive names that transform into alien insects
  • Fourth grade: wolf tunnel books and Northwest native art projects
  • Fifth grade: science concepts in camouflage where students learn how to draw a chameleon and incorporate color theory/value scale
  • Sixth grade: ancient Egyptian canonical jars with accompanying hand sewn cloth organ


We are fortunate to have a 3D printer in the art room where the students are learning the 3D modeling software TinkerCad. Through the online photo editor Pixlr, 4th grade students create iron-on logos for t-shirts. Digital cameras provide the fifth grade art students to create stop-motion animation short films.