A new online event that will take place now until November 3rd, 2020.

Scroll down to see samples of what you can buy on line for the holidays.



Get ready for Christmas!

We deliver locally and also

ship to Friends and Family.

What is This Fundraiser?

The OLL parent association is proud to support our local Boys and Girls of Scout Troop  432, Christmas Wreath Sale as part of our fall Thanks-Giving Campaign.  The local Lake Oswego Scout Troop will generously donate betweek 5-10% of your purchases to our school.

This year, starting now up to November 3rd, 2020, you will be able to purchase beautiful wreaths, baskets and yuletide cheer to brighten up your home for the holidays. Every purchase you make, no matter how big or small, benefits the school.

How do I Purchase Christmas Wreaths and Baskets?

The PA team in partnership with the Lake Oswego Scout Troop are selling Christmas Wreaths, Baskets, Yuletide Cheer and more! Just click the red order button above (one button for local delivery and the other red button for shipping within the US) it  will bring you to the order page, its easy!  Use this website to ship a wreath to anyone in the US as a gift. The orders on this page are shipped directly from our wreath supplier. All prices include shipping cost. The deadline to submit orders is Tuesday November 3rd, 2020. They will be delivered by the end of November. Items are priced between $40-$55.  The Scout troop also delivers locally. Purchase for friends and family, prices for non shipping items are between $30-$55.



For any questions or concerns please contact Jenni Miller-Duhl at Jenniduhl@gmail.com.

Deluxe Wreath 26" Diameter - $55

Be Merry center piece 7"x9'- $30

Winter wonderland center piece  14" diameter -$30

Bark Basket Centerpiece 10" x 15" - $40


Winter Wonderland Wreath 26" Diameter - $55


For more information, please email OLL Parent Association: