Split the Pot Raffle

An exciting new school fundraiser coming Fall 2020!

Buy a Ticket and Support Our School

Win up to $5,000!

What is This Fundraiser?

This coming year, as PA moves all of its fundraisers online, we will launch the OLL Fall Thanks-Giving Campaign.

This event, (along with some of our usual fundraisers) is a week where PA will host fun on-line events with parent volunteers, which support our school and families, while sharing our common goal. Each day we will share something that the school community and students are grateful for.  This will be posted online.

What is The Fall Thanks-Giving Split the Pot Raffle?

Our main fundraiser event this fall will be the Split the Pot Raffle. Buy a ticket(s) for $100 each and win 50% of the sales up to a possible $5k. Online sales will be November 9th-22nd, 2020. The proceeds of this raffle will go towards our school operations, technology and science. Every purchase you make, no matter how big or small, benefits the school. The raffle draw will be held on November 24th 2020.

How do I Purchase Raffle Tickets?

Look for emails with a link to purchase tickets as we get closer to November.


For more information, please email OLL Parent Association: