OLL Jogathon May 14th, 2021

Register and pledge the OLL School Jogathon. This year, we have on-line registration, where you create a pledge page for your child. You can share a video from your registered page with friends and family to increase your childs pledge numbers. This year we will have an inperson (covid safe) Jogathon with lots of fun, including: balloons, prizes, t-shirts, music, team building etc. Each day starting May 5th, will have something new and exciting so sign up now, its going to be amazing fun! Please order your Jamba Juice using the below link.

Go to FUNRUN.COM  and register your child(ren)

Class and individual prizes will be awarded based on pledge dollars. Increase your child’s
pledge numbers by sending a video of your child to friends and family.

Go to FUNRUN.com everything you need is right there.

    -   Registration- create a registration page for your child
    -   Pledges per lap or by flat rate
    -   Watch daily character videos to motivate and encourage Christian values

Back by popular demand!

On Jogathon day we will have Jamba juice - which must be ordered in advance:

To order your Jamba Juice and pay by facts please click here!

Free Dress On Jogathon Day, Friday, May 14th: 
1. Students may wear basketball shorts, full length leggings, jeans, and their official Jogathon Tshirts.
 2. A special lunch will be provided to all students on Jogathon Day. Lunch will consist of a McDonald’s  hamburger, apple slices, and a juice box. Students may bring a lunch if they do not  wish to partake of the lunch provided. Students may want to bring additional snacks or lunch items if they have larger appetites.
3. Students must wear masks for the Jogathon.

4. Jogathon Event Bags will be sent home on Thursday containing an official Jogathon Tshirt and more!
 5. Remember to bring your labeled water bottle!

Please Note Non-Uniform Guidelines: Free Dress
Students may wear free dress on specially designated days. In general, free dress is attire that is appropriate for school activities, not distracting or demeaning or degrading to self or others.  All clothing and appearance should reflect the values of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School. Non-uniform violations will follow the same procedure   as uniform violations.  As with the uniform code, the administration and the faculty will be the final judge of any questionable attire or appearance not explicitly covered in the following guidelines. All clothing must fit appropriately and respectfully.  No oversized or undersized apparel may be worn.  Unacceptable clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following: leggings and yoga pants (unless worn with mid-thigh skirt or top), sagging pants, mini-skirts, bare midriffs, sheer blouses, belt chains, and wallet chains.  Tops for both boys and girls must have sleeves, may not be form fitting, and must cover the chest and abdomen modestly. As a guideline, skirts and shorts should not be more than 4 inches above the knee when kneeling.

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Don't have a child at OLL but would like to donate to the OLL Jogathon?

Just click this link: https://give.mybooster.com/OLLJogathon