Sra. Torres/Arranaga

Welcome to Middle School Spanish!

Students in Spanish continue to study basic Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills using a variety of workbooks and textbooks. Additionally, middle school students learn about the cultures of various Spanish and Hispanic regions.

Curriculum and Goals

The textbooks used by the Middle School classes are:

  • Sixth Grade: ¿Qué tal? ¡Viva el español! 
  • Seventh Grade: Exprésate 1a
  • Eighth Grade: Exprésate 1b

Middle school students connect the various vocabulary sets they have learned in previous years to more complex grammar structures. Middle school students also focus on writing ability, and the ability to express thoughts and feelings in spoken and written word.


In addition to the textbook curriculum provided, Middle School students focus on:

  • reading and listening comprehension
  • reading and sharing Spanish with the younger grades
  • preparing ourselves for High School level Spanish
  • the culture of Spain
  • Catholicism in the Hispanic world
  • Hispanic artists and artwork
  • answering the question: How can we use our Spanish in the real world?

High School Placement

Most eighth grade students enter high school at the Spanish II (Sophomore year) Level. Each year, a few students from eighth grade enter at the Spanish III (Junior year) level. All students are prepared for the high school placement exams. 


Catholic Values
We demonstrate reverence for God at the beginning of each class by praying the Padre Nuestro or Ave María. We learn about the religion of Spanish speaking countries and their customs.
Lifelong Learning
We apply academic skills to think critically and approach every culture/country with an open attitude and respect. We also help students build acceptance of the diversity of the world by trying to form well-rounded individuals.
We appreciate the creativity in other cultures and at the same time we learn from them. We use our creativity in class daily. 
Responsible Citizenship
We learn another language to try to communicate with people from other countries, making students globally aware of other cultures. We encourage students to travel and learn!


Each middle school Spanish class has their own Google Classroom. Google Classroom is used to communicate with students, post announcements, provide individual feedback, track when students turn-in work, and provide assessments via Google Forms. 

Current Families

Current families may find the following links helpful for their students:

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