Ms. Diehm

Welcome to Middle School Religion!

Welcome to OLL School Middle School Religion! OLL embraces our Catholic faith and keeps God at the forefront of our educational journey. 

Highlights in our middle school religion program include weekly school masses, Advent and Lent activities, regularly scheduled opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and regular prayer in the classroom. Every class participates in a service project together throughout the year.
Middle schoolers engage in the Friendzy program, focusing on building positive friendships and community within a Christ-centered framework.  Our eighth grade student’s Capstone Service Project as a requirement for graduation. 

Curriculum and Goals

Middle school religion curriculum follows the standards set by the Archdiocese of Portland. Sixth grade takes an in-depth look at the Old Testament, beginning in Genesis and studying all books and genres throughout the Old Testament scriptures. Seventh grade continues with the Gospels and into the New Testament, through Acts of the Apostles and Paul the Apostle, and through to Revelation. Seventh grade also participates in the Altartion Program and Theology of the Body for Teens by Ascension Press, delving into the richness of the Catholic Mass and the Sacraments. Eighth grade studies Church History, beginning with a review of Acts of the Apostles, and continues through to modern day, weaving in Social Justice. Students look into the lives of many of the saints (including Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Damien of Molokai, John Paul II, and Mother Teresa). Religion classes use hand-on, experiential learning as well as textbook curriculum, and also include journaling, reflection, small group discussion, and retreat participation. 


Our religion curriculum serves as a vehicle for catechesis, faith formation, and the formation of personal faith connections. Students live out our SLE’s through through active service, prayer, journaling, retreats, and weekly participation in school mass, as well as the sacrament of confession multiple times throughout the year.


Students use Google Classroom, as well as online resources including Several programs including Altaration and Theology of the Body for Teens by Ascension Press and Decision Point by Dynamic Catholic are used in the classroom. 

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