Mr. Puccio

Welcome to Middle School Science!

My first goal as an instructor is to share my love of intellectual pursuit in mathematics and science in an environment that makes children feel valued, respected, and challenged.

Curriculum and Goals

All science curricula used in grades six through eight align with Archdiocesan standards and the Catholic Common Core. Sixth grade focuses on Earth Sciences, seventh grade focuses on Life Sciences, and eighth grade focuses on Physical Science. 

  • Develop literacy in both general scientific knowledge and course content areas
  • Develop an understanding of methods used to generate scientific knowledge and apply them to answering self-generated questions
  • Develop an understanding of the methods, strengths and limits of scientific inquiry
  • Develop skills with laboratory equipment and general measurement and observation skills
  • Develop appreciation for the profound beauty and mystery of the natural world
  • Develop research, problem solving, reasoning and communication skills
  • Develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills
  • Develop an appreciation for the interdependence of science and other disciplines including mathematics and humanities


Students use a variety of computer simulations to simulate phenomena that cannot be easily observed. Science classes use Google Classroom to coordinate communication and instruction. 

Current Families

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