The Scrip Program


The scrip program has been helping to raise money for Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School for many years. In a typical year, we raise approximately $10,000 — sometimes  more.

Put your shopping dollars to work!

What is scrip?

Scrip is a fancy word for gift cards — just like the ones you might buy as a birthday or graduation gift. We offer scrip that works at local grocery stores, restaurants, big chain stores and most online retailers. When you buy gift cards from Our Lady of the Lake, you are simply paying up front for purchases you were planning to make anyway.
Because we buy these cards in bulk, we get a discount on them. We sell them to you at face value, and the profit goes straight to the school’s bottom line. Every scrip purchase you make, no matter how big or small, benefits the school.




How do I buy scrip?

eGift cards

During Covid-19, the easiest way to get scrip is by ordering online at, or using the RaiseRight app

You will receive your electronic scrip, or eGift cards, in a matter of minutes. Here’s how.

1.    Visit our vendor,, click "Join a Program,” and enter OLL’s enrollment code (see bottom of page):

2.    Alternatively, download the new RaiseRight app on your phone. The app is available at the App Store and on Google Play.

3.    Sign up for Online Payments. This secure service is similar to PayPal. You can choose to have your checking account debited

       ($.15 fee per transaction) or use a credit card (2.6% fee). 

4.    Tip: When selecting a gift card, be very careful to choose the "eGift card" tab and not the "Gift Card"

        tab. If you accidentally order a plastic gift card, your account will be debited and you will not receive your scrip. 

5.    Your eGift cards will be delivered to your dashboard online or in the app. They can be used right away!

        Just cut and paste the barcode wherever it asks for your gift card, or print out the code and take it into the store.

Plastic cards

The scrip team places a bulk order for plastic gift cards on behalf of all school families at least once a month.

Call the school office at 503-636-2121 to find out upcoming order dates. Here’s how to order plastic scrip:

  1. Click here for the Scrip Order Form or pick one up at the school office
  2. Complete the form and submit it, along with a personal check for the total, to the scrip team either by:
  • Dropping it off in the school office
  • Sending it to school with your child

Note: Customers can't order plastic scrip online or in the app, because it costs too much to ship individual orders.



Think Big

Grocery store scrip is our bread and butter — Our Lady of the Lake profits greatly when you use scrip for your everyday shopping instead of a debit or credit card. But consider buying scrip when you have a major purchase on the horizon, like a trip, or a remodeling project. We offer scrip from rental car companies, airlines, and big box stores (think appliances, tools, paint, carpeting, etc). 

And our order form is just the tip of the scrip iceberg! We can order gift cards from virtually any business that offers them. Browse the full list of retailers and restaurants at Shop with Scrip.


For more information, or to receive OLL’s enrollment code, please email us at or call Sarah Morris at (503) 577-8702.