OLL Trivia Night

Friday, November 22, 2019

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Event at a Glance:

Sixteen teams of six will compete in six rounds of trivia questions for the Grand Prize: Satisfying all 20 of your fundraising hours!


Give your team a name, wear costumes, and be ready to get competitive! Don’t know an answer but are determined to win? Buy-in options like Google, phone a friend, ask a stranger on the street will be available. See Trivia Rules, below, for details.


There will be a special OLL-themed question round, so be sure to brush up on your school history! There will also be a photo booth, gifts, swag, and trivia festivities. This school fundraising event will for sure bring some laughs.

Order of Events:

  • 8:00 pm official start
  • Bar open, 30 minute drink & mingle
  • 8:30 pm Trivia begins, runs for 90 minutes
  • 10:00 pm official end
  • Bar open until 1:00 am close

Registration Information:


  • $300 per team ($50 per person)
  • Price includes appetizer tray brought tableside including house charcuterie (vegetarian option available), beef jerky, salt & vinegar chips, fried chicken tenders, BBQ shrimp, chocolate pot de crème, and apple crisp
  • Menu available to order additional food and drink, not inlcuded in ticket price



Trivia Rules:

  • Six rounds of three questions. Each round has different theme: 80s, OLL History, Movies, TV, etc.
  • For the first round, each team may purchase “Lifelines” allowing them to Google an answer, phone a friend, or to ask a stranger on the street for an answer.
  • Prices of Lifelines: $300 to Google, $200 to phone a friend, $100 to ask stranger. Prices for Lifelines are PER TEAM.
  • At halftime (after 3 rounds), the top 8 and bottom 8 teams are determined. The bottom 8 teams are given the opportunity to buy more Lifelines, priced at 50% more than they were in first half: $450 for Google, $300 to phone a friend, $150 to ask a stranger.
  • In the last round—any team can buy Lifelines, but they are double the cost they were in first round. $600 to Google, $400 to phone a friend, $200 to ask stranger.
  • If there is a tie, there will be a lightening round to determine the winner.

Sponsor a Team:

Want to get involved with Trivia Night but can’t attend? You can sponsor a team! The team that comes to the event with the highest amount of donations will get ONE set of FREE Lifelines. What does this mean? This means your team will have a better chance at winning!  Not only will the winning team get their fundraising hour requirement satisfied, but all OLL families who donated toward the winning team will get 3 fundraising hours satisfied. All donation dollars count toward your $1000 financial obligation. Click here to donate to individual teams!


Sponsorship Inquiries or Questions:

Please contact Virginia Boecker (virginia.boecker@gmail.com),Suzanne Gall (suz_gall@yahoo.com), or Matt Locke (mlocke@oll.school)