Verified Excellence

Every 6 years, OLL goes through an intensive Self Study process in which all members of the community are called upon to reflect on what is going well and what areas need improvement. The WCEA accreditation holds the school to a high level of achievement and ensures that your children are receiving the best Catholic education possible. Throughout the years, OLL has remained a strong pillar of excellence among the Catholic School Community. 


These were the reflections WCEA Visiting Committee shared with us on their most recent visit in the Fall of 2022:

“The visiting committee observed the Catholic community where faith formation, Catholic Identity, and academic rigor are apparent to all who walk through the entrance to the school building. The stewardship to the school is truly owned by all the stakeholders.


The Pastor and Principal are beacons of what it means to be a parish/school community. Their leadership and collaboration models the partnership that is apparent among all school relationships (parent-teacher, teacher-student, pastor-families, etc.)

The visiting committee also observed every teacher and staff member knows, sees, and loves each individual student. The students enrolled at OLL are blessed being surrounded by these educators and clergy members every school day. We observed motivated, focused, and faith-filled students who “act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with God.”