Middle School

The Middle School at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is comprised of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. All students in Middle School are issued a Dell Chromebook, which is used in all academic areas. The Middle School students enjoy dedicated departmentalized teachers who instruct students across many different ability levels. Students are offered curricula to meet their needs as individual learners. The Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School Middle School is proud to send many of its graduates to local Catholic high schools. 

Sixth Grade

The Sixth Grade class is lead by homeroom teacher Sra. Torres-Arranaga. Students in Sixth Grade enjoy a three day Outdoor School experience in the spring of each year. Sixth grade students focus their community service on the Mayama Center in Mexico. Students make bracelets and sell them in the student store as a fundraiser for the Mayama Center.

Seventh Grade

The Seventh Grade homeroom teacher is Mrs. Mackin. Seventh graders work with their first grade buddies on reading skills, comprehension, and creative endeavors. Seventh graders focus their community service for the year on the Oregon Food Bank.

Eighth Grade

The Eighth Grade class is led by homeroom teacher Mrs. Chappell. Eighth graders lead the school in many capacities including student government. Eighth graders focus their community service on supporting the foster children of Oregon through the charity With Love. Eighth Grade students are required to complete volunteer hours for graduation.

Middle School Academics

Middle school Religion curriculum is taught by Ms. Diehm. Each class focuses on a different aspect of the Catholic faith. Students are encouraged to grow in their personal faith journey. 

Middle school students at OLL continue their Spanish education by connecting the various vocabulary sets they have learned in previous years to more complex grammar structures. Middle school students also focus on writing ability, and the ability to express thoughts and feelings in spoken and written word.

ELA is taught by Mrs. Chappell to grades sixth through eight. Students focus on writing skills, comprehension skills, and proper MLA formatting. 

Math is taught by Mr. Puccio, Mrs. Mannion, and Mr. Gregor. Each middle school grade is split into level math and advanced math. Students who exceed the requirement for advanced math at their grade level may be taught additional curriculum to meet their needs. 

The Science curriculum at OLL is taught by Mr. Puccio. All science classes will include instruction on the nature of scientific inquiry, basic laboratory skills, experimental design, data collection and presentation, problem solving and engineering.

Mr. Cimino teaches Middle School PE to each grade three times per week. Each grade focuses on different athletic and sporting skills. Middle school students also benefit from units on ballroom dancing and fencing! Mr. Cimino also teaches a one trimester health rotation to seventh and eighth grades. 


Middle school students enjoy a rotation of classes taught in small groups each trimester. Students in sixth grade take one trimester each of Technology, Art, and Music. Students in seventh and eighth grades take one trimester each of Art, Music, and Health.