Fall Thanks-Giving Campaign 2020

This year we come together as a community while facing the challenges of Covid-19. The OLL Parent Association is committed to its goal of supporting our school and fostering community, while bringing about a successful year for our children and our school. This fall PA will move all of its fundraisers online and will launch the OLL Fall Thanks-Giving Campaign. For more information on PA fundraisers please click here.



What is the Main Fall Fundraiser?


Split the Pot: Our main fundraiser event this fall will be the Split the Pot raffle. Buy a ticket(s) for $100 each and win 50% of the sales up to a possible $5k. Online sales will be November 9th-22nd, 2020. The proceeds of this raffle will go towards our school operations, technology and science. Every purchase you make, no matter how big or small, benefits the school.

What Other Fundraising Events Will Be Held This Fall?

Pies and Poinsettias: This fundariser is now closed: Pies (fresh or frozen) will be available for pick up (there is no expiration date for the pie voucher) from Lee's Farms in Tualatin. Poinsettias (big, small, red, white etc.) will be available to pick up from Al's Garden & Home. Pick up dates, using your voucher, for poinsettias is from November 20th-December 2nd, 2020.

While the Fall Split the Pot Raffle and Pies and Poinsettia are our main fall fundraisers, you can still help support our school by signing up for buy-in fundraisers. Please look in our buy in page

for more information.


For more information, please email OLL Parent Association: